Sample list
Sample list
Gene Annotations
Various classes of gene annotations (e.g. functions, pathways, diseases association, tissue expression, etc) from Lynx Knowledge base integrating information from over 40 public databases
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Enrichment Analysis
Identification of gene categories over-represented in the user-submitted gene list based on Pathways, Gene Ontology, Diseases, Tissue expression and other features associations.
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Genes Prioritization - Cheetoh
Networks and features based Gene Prioritization using Cheetoh algorithm. Using STRING-10.5 underlying network and feature categories in our enrichment page.
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Genes Prioritization - Pinta
Networks based Gene Prioritization using PINTA algorithms : Heat Kernal Ranking, Simple Random Walk, PageRank with Priors, HITS with Priors and K-Step Markov. Using STRING-10.5 underlying network.
WGCNA Analysis (tutorial)
Weighted correlation network analysis (WGCNA) for finding modules of highly correlated genes based on a soft-thresholding co-expression network, provided as a stand-alone Web service for our Lynx users.
Coexpression Network Analysis
CoExpNet tool uses a multivariate Gaussian model to infer the gene interaction networks based on large-scale gene expression profile.

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  • Lynx KB: Release v2018.1: September, 2018
  • Lynx Platform: Release v3.0: September, 2018

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